Make SURE you have the proper credit adjudication tools at hand!

An account properly opened is already 50% collected! The more information you gather up front, will increase your chances for a successful transaction. Having the proper legal name is an integral part of the credit granting process. In addition our company is one of the few companies that will also provide a property search on the subject.

Having access to adverse activities involving your customer will allow you to take the appropriate steps to minimize your risk and reduce your bad losses. Your DASHBOARD will customise this activity to ensure that it is brought to your immediate attention.


  • Includes a corporate search on the company.

  • Scan our collection database for previous collection activity from the past 6 years.

  • A thorough search of our legal database of information from the past 6 years.

  • A property search on the company or Registered business owner.

  • Trade information will be associated to the report from our trade database of unbiased information.

  • You will also receive a courtesy reminder on reports that are to be removed from your report manager portfolio so you can keep them in your portfolio.

  • Volume discounts are available on report pricing.
    (Discuss Volume discount opportunities with your Sales Representative.)


  • A bank update will be requested if a signed credit application is provided.

  • We will update up to three trade references provided on your credit application.


Receive weekly updates on recent legal actions and collections in Atlantic Canada. This service provides you with an overview of companies and individuals that are running into legal and / or collection issues. Allows you the opportunity to take action before it’s too late. THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM!


  • Meetings - keep you up to date with current credit trends and issues while also providing your with a great opportunity to NETWORK with others in your industry.

  • Online TRADE Exchange - provides you with a forum to obtain additional unbiased trade information as well as the ability to share your information.